Christmas Cards

Growing up, as soon as the Christmas cards started showing up in the mailbox, my Mom, after opening them, would tape each and every one along the door trim of our dining area. For the next month, and possibly well into January, there would be a mural on the wall of angels and Christmas trees and giant snowflakes and scenes of snow covered landscapes. And, let us not forget, the cards with flying reindeer, and Santa, and the well dressed snowman with a corncob pipe and a button nose. As a child, I remember peering into the cards as they stuck half-open on the wall and reading (over and over again) the verses and greetings in each one. My sister and brother and I could stand across the room, point to a card and without looking, tell you who the sender was. There were cards from family, friends, my Dad’s work buddies, distant relatives, and even a ‘Christmas Appreciation and Thank You’ card from our little local grocery store, G & J Market.
My Mom sent cards as well and often during the month of December our kitchen table was a sea of envelopes, card boxes, stamps, and address lists. She always bought the assortment box of cards with the clear lid so you could see one example of what you were getting. She shopped at Woolworths for her greeting cards (remember Woolworths?) and if we were lucky and being that we were in the midst of cheery Christmas spirit and all, chances were good that we would have a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup ( Campbell’s) at the Woolworth lunch counter. The best! Of course, after Christmas all the boxed cards went on sale and my frugal mom would buy up several boxes. Often, however, they would get stored away and forgotten and we’d end up buying a new assortment just before the holiday the following year. Don’t worry Mom, this is happening to me now! Oh well.
Christmas cards and connecting with folks far and near is a way we can all send a small acknowledgement, a gift of words and a gift of graphics, from our homes and hearts. I truly swoon over Christmas cards and I send many, but I also keep some and simply place them around the house to enjoy the artwork. A small price to pay for art, heh? The growing season here at Fernwood is a busy time that doesn’t leave much opportunity for card sending. Right now, just like the maple dining set in my childhood home, my table is scattered with cards awaiting a few sentences, a wish for holiday cheer and blessings into the New Year.
Tis, the season for such things and it is a Christmas tradition that I can happily partake in! Well, off I go with pen, cards, envelopes, and stamps before the post office closes! Happy Holidays Friends!

16 comments on “Christmas Cards

  1. Lovely blog Denise and brings back happy memories of my own childhood. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

    • Hi Gearoid,
      So great to hear from you and thank you! So sorry I missed you when in Ireland this time, it was a quick trip on the back side of visiting Romania and it was time to get home and back to work! Now, winter is upon us and snow and cold have the plants tucked in and resting in their dormant state. So much going on in the world these days, for your country and (ugh!!) for ours here in the U.S.
      Simpler times and simpler living surely a comfort and a blessing and an alternative to the chaos we seem to have established all over the world. Not sure when i will get back to Ireland, but do hope that you and your family will always feel free to visit here in Maine when you come abroad. Not a glamorous display like New York but I would certainly take the time to show you all the landscape and simple haunts that we here in rural Maine still have and appreciate. Best to you and your, Gearoid and blessings into the New Year! denise

    • Happy Holidays, Judy! I so fondly remember the Woolworth days, shopping there with my mom or grandmother for all the essentials! Often those stores were ‘one stop shopping’ experiences and their merchandise was often pretty well made!

  2. I have similar memories and love to send and receive cards at Christmas. Sadly, the tradition seems to be fading and I get fewer every year. The GenXers seem to favor photo cards (if at all) and the Milennials can’t be bothered. So sad!

    • So true, Eliza! For the young folks the internet or a text(!) seems to be their go to. I am making a pledge to send Christmas cards …at least a few…until i can’t see to write any longer!. best to you and Happy Holidays!

  3. I still tape up my cards around the entryway between our dining room and kitchen. While I don’t receive as many as I once did, I still receive too many to display on the various surfaces around the house.

    • Sending cards and writing a little note to friends and family inside a Christmas card is no doubt a perfect partnership between the colorful holiday images and a writer like yourself. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Blessings, Denise

  4. Your childhood memory is one I share also of exactly the same card arrangement, around our dining room table and the living room wall divider. At the peak, I think my parents sent out hundreds of cards. But over the years as people died and postal rates escalated, the number of cards SENT & RECEIVED went down drastically.

    It is a very fond memory, thank you for posting about your love of Christmas cards.

    Even now, I save every card I receive, which isn’t such a difficult task when taken into account how few cards make it to my mailbox anymore. The cards I kept from my grandparents when I was a child are priceless.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    • Hello Kate and Happy Holidays! Now that our world seems to be stuck on “fast forward”, the memory of sending Christmas cards and receiving them, feels more comforting than ever. Funny that with our ability to reach out into the world far and wide with great ease ( due to technology), we savor the thoughts and practices of slower times…even a slower version. Hmmm. True, yes?

    • Hello Brenda,
      Though we all have this online presence and we can accomplish real connection here too , walking to the mailbox and pulling out a letter or certainly during the holiday season, a beautiful Christmas card, is so special. Blessings to you through the season and into the New Year!

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