With Hopeful Intention

Helleborus thibetanus

We are here tucked in and staying isolated, no great feat for two very happy homebodies. Truth be told, we have not left the nursery or had anyone on the property for a full three weeks! Of course, much of this has to do with the dreaded virus and wanting to stay healthy and keep others healthy. If the nursery itself is isolated from visitors for an extended period of time, then we can be certain that we are a comfortable and reassuring place to visit come May. We are anticipating a May opening ( and will announce our ‘opening day’ here on the blog and our phone message (207) 589-4726, as we always do… and Instagram!), and if following guidelines, we are considered an essential business. We will do all that we can to bring comfort to visitors coming to Fernwood Nursery to buy plants. By the first week of May, with the effort of all people doing their best to stay distanced and healthy, we will open our gate and sell plants. Perhaps we will limit the number of people walking the aisle at one time. We will write up some careful and helpful guidelines that may also bring comfort and reassurance while shopping…gloves, keeping distance, not handling pots and placing them back into rows, bringing your own boxes for carrying plants out. These are a few thoughts and we welcome any of yours. Suggestions? Let’s hear them! If you are uncomfortable shopping while others are here, you can call ahead with a list of plants you would like to purchase and we will have them ready for you. Feel free to email us with questions and availability. The list is long and we will do our best to spend time on the phone or through email giving you our best suggestions and descriptions. Also, you can call and make an appointment for a private visit here at the nursery. Again, we will do all that we can to keep our gardening friends happy and safe. As we move closer to the month of May, we will certainly know better the circumstances around ‘getting out and about’ to shop for plants! Let’s stay posted, shall we?
The staying home here at the nursery has a silver lining. We are getting so much done! Plants are being potted up and sales ready. New exciting introductions are being nurtured and set out. The greenhouse and hoop house is filling with the tender shoots of green promise. The display gardens are surprising us with spring treasures on a daily basis… delight, delight! The mud is annoying ( did I say that?). I am creating a new display garden just for Epimediums and alpine plants. We are finishing up a new summer kitchen for classes ( so excited about this !). The wood fired bread and pizza oven is ready and has a newly built wooden structure over it. We are puttering along on the new food wagon we bought. What? New food wagon? Yes, the details are saved for another post but somehow I could not resist this little cute wagon we are calling ‘Local-Motion’. Well, we are humming along here at Fernwood Nursery and keeping our sights on promise and better days. We do hope all of you are staying safe and healthy and finding ways to keep your souls and hearts occupied with all good and helpful tasks. We look forward to seeing everyone when we are in the clear and can tend that great urge to get out and dig in our gardens. Be well and blessings to all of you!
P.S. If you need it, here is our email: fernwoodnursery@fairpoint.net

13 comments on “With Hopeful Intention

  1. I bought a “healthy” Helborous” plant this winter and it dies back fairly quickly. Is this a natural cycle for this plant?

    On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 8:31 AM Fernwood Nursery & Gardens wrote:

    > fernwoodnursery posted: “We are here tucked in and staying isolated, no > great feat for two very happy homebodies. Truth be told, we have not left > the nursery or had anyone on the property for a full three weeks! Of > course, much of this has to do with the dreaded virus and wanting” >

    • Hi Joan, It does need a cold period during the winter. What region are you in and what month did you buy it? Was it in flower at the time? Did you plant it or keep it in a pot? I may be able to answer your question with a little more information. Which cultivar ? I’ll do my best! Denise

  2. Thank You!! Lifted my gardening heart. I enjoyed your nursery, and look forward to coming back. Sandra Ross, Damariscotta

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    • Thank you, Sandra! We are looking forward and with great hope and faith that we will all see the end to this difficult time and have our hands in the earth and be able to talk plants! Be well!

  3. Really looks like you will have a good strategy to keep all us who are wanting to get out in our gardens healthy. Thanks for being so careful.

  4. Glad you are well and able to put all this time to good use at the nursery. A local nursery here has been putting their plants on line, you call, place your order, pay, then set a pickup time to drive in and get them. They have a circle driveway so it works really well. There are also some stores makes aisles one way only. I know you’ll come up with some creative ways to keep folks visiting.

  5. I saw a meme on Ravelry, something to the effect of “knitters and crocheters, relax, you have trained for this for years!” I think the same is true of darners and gardeners as well. Hunker down, stay safe, we will see you when it is safe to do so!

    • You bet! So wish a little knitting was ‘little more on my plate right now! The agenda at the moment is plants, but plants are an awfully nice way to keep busy as well !! Hope to see you in may, perhaps! Best to you, Denise

      • Plants are a great way to stay busy! So rewarding! I was cleaning out my photos the other day and came across a bunch of beauties I took when I visited you a couple of years ago. All the pretty flowers! It was the perfect antidote to the gray that is outside now.

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