Let’s Add Just A Little More To The Plate…

As if the virus is not enough, here in Maine ( particullarly Waldo County) we experienced an epic late season snow storm. As of last Thursday, 15 inches of very wet snow took down trees and power lines ( and chicken coops) and we are still without power. This means running two generators to keep the greenhouse warm and all of our food freezers from thawing. At night, the alarm is set to ring every two hours so we can get up to ‘make the rounds’ checking the heater in the big greenhouse and looking for new downed limbs. Friday morning we woke to find a giant Ash tree had uprooted and fallen directly onto the chicken coop, smashing it to the ground. Yes, there was a coop full of unsuspecting chickens inside and by some miracle they all lived through the collapse. I crawled under the debris and plucked each one out from underneath the fallen timbers and handed them to Rick. They now have a new residence in the building we use for brooding new chicks, and, by the next day, they were back to laying eggs and enjoying the ‘more than usual’ extra treats we are offering them as a way of soothing their nerves.. I love my chickens, I really do.
Today is Monday and we are hoping, hoping, we may see some progress being made in our town. Here at Fernwood, though the extra work and rounds are tiring, we are fairly self sufficient and we are doing ok. We worry about some of our neighbors who are going without heat or water and we desperately want the power to be restored quickly so that they don’t have this extra burden placed on them.
Here at Fernwood we will keep plodding along, doing our work, looking toward brighter days. Be well and be safe, friends. We have very weird and uncertain times on our hands all over the world. On a lighter and positive note, we look forward to seeing gardeners soon, perhaps from a 6 ft. distance, but are hoping that the nursery will bring comfort and relief in the days to come.

11 comments on “Let’s Add Just A Little More To The Plate…

  1. Feel as though I shouldn’t “Like” this, and I am doing so out of support. Gosh, what a kick in the pants that storm was. And now comes the wind. Take care, take care! I hope those chickens don’t have to endure any more trauma and that your power comes back soon.

  2. oh no. you (and your chickens) and your neighbors definitely do not need this on top of corona. we’ll be among the fortunate gardeners there as soon as you open. very much looking forward to it. btw, your fans from virginia are hoping to return this summer

  3. our thoughts are with you both, We did get our power back on Sunday evening so were lucky. So glad the chickens survived! Looking forward to seeing you in better times. Jaci and Randy

  4. Dear rick and Denise. 15 inches of snow! Iā€™m so upset to hear about the damage done to your property and those poor chickens. I can picture how upset you were as you were pulling them out and handing them to rick. Oh the damage and all the work you have ahead of you besides making sure the plants made it through. Praying your electricity is back soon. Thank goodness for generators but you still have more work keeping them filled with gas. Thinking of you. Rene

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  5. I thought I was having a moderately bad day with buckets of raining falling since 6 a.m., standing water everywhere, and the gray and gloom that goes with it. But, I sure didn’t have to move 15″ of snow, wonder how it will affect the plants, and save the chickens from being hurt and homeless. Wow – that is a heavy load, Denise. I’m really hoping at the very least, they get your power back on soon. Take care!

  6. Halfway through April?! Okay, this is a good reason to stay on the West Coast of California. I do not know what snow is like, but I do know that trees are most susceptible to limb failure as they are resuming vascular activity and foliating early in spring.

  7. I am just catching up on blogs… we agreed on Saturday of that weekend that adding a days long power outage to a pandemic was just a bit much. The camel was almost fully loaded with straw.

    But it is past, and today I wandered around the yarn in the rain and FINALLY! Things are visibly growing, violets and primroses are blooming, the forsythia is about to burst! It makes me happy to see.

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