This Fella…

We have had many good dogs here at the nursery. There was this one: Boreal who amazed us with his intelligence and his loyalty. There was good old Miller dog This Old Dog…. who was like a Buddha in blond fur. Really, really great dogs. We loved them dearly and miss their personalities and presence in our every day.
And, then, well, there’s Lucky. Lucky was the tiny little pup our daughter brought home curled up in a blanket. “Mom, we HAVE to keep him, he’s so cute and he needs us and I promise, promise, promise, you won’t have to do a thing, I’ll do everything!” When a kid tells you that, it’s never really the truth. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a goldfish, as a parent, you end up buying the food or scraping the algae off the side of the fish bowl.
Lucky is pretty much my dog now and has been for over 6 years. The daughter still adores him but doesn’t live at home anymore and I have to admit that I fell so head over heals in love with this dog that I thought of every reason why it would be best if he stayed here at the nursery…stability, room to roam ( which he does little of!), the move too traumatic ( this was embellished a bit by me), on and on I went. Lucky is silly and very affectionate and quite frankly sees himself as sort of “The Prince of Fernwood”. He does very little to scare off deer or even chipmunks and prefers comfort over combat. He has an internal clock inside his head that keeps him devoted to his routine. The routine encompasses meal times, finding the warmest coziest spot to lounge, and bedtime. He does love his walks in the woods and car rides and helping us as we move the sheep fence at the farm…as long as it’s not too cold, not too windy, not too wet, or the sheep get too close ( he’s embarrassed to admit that sheep intimidate him). He is goofy and snuggly and adores his family. He loves to be pampered and that is why I cart his ‘day bed’ out to the hoop house everyday where it gets super toasty and he can enjoy basking in warmth while he snoozes. Pathetic. Comfort is number one for this dog, he loves people, will follow children anywhere, and truly appreciates the life he lives.
I am lucky for Lucky. I am. I am.
So, if you visit the nursery, you may meet Lucky. You may meet him if the day does not involve inclement weather and if he is not stretched out catching the sun. If the variables of comfort are aligned and he is inspired to make the trek from hoop house to sales area, he may saunter ( and I do mean saunter) up to the nursery to say hello.
Now, this poem, by Kate Barnes…which Lucky approves of.

Why Do You Ask?

I can’t make
any story
about my life
tonight. The house
is like an overturned
the radio
is predicting more snow.
I ask my dog
to tell me
a story, and he
never hesitates.
“Once upon
a time,” he says,
“a woman lived
with a simply
wonderful dog…” and
he stops talking.
Is that all?”
I ask him.
“yes,” he says,
“Why do you ask?
Isn’t it enough?”

5 comments on “This Fella…

  1. A good dog is a like a good friend – hard to find. You’ve apparently been lucky, pun intended. 🙂 I heard that line from my daughter too many times to count. The one that caused us the most pain was a parrot. When we moved cross country, I was thrilled to find nice new homes for that guy and her two dogs. I do still miss her mini horses though. 🙂

  2. Lucky is lucky, as is our Rumi Dog. He gets a belly rub and massage every morning (wish I did!) and has us very well trained on meal and treat times. He is our best friend and partner in adventures. He took to kayaking at 8 weeks old and still loves it at 9 years old (and 70 lbs!). He is always looking for fun, and afterwards, naps on the king size bed.
    Our dogs are the most wonderful gift.

  3. Loved your commentary and the poem.
    I had a “Lucky” growing up. A very protective collie named Tippy who was just one of the neighborhood gang of six to ten year olds. Often in the summer, we would sleep out on cots crammed into an old tent. Tippy kept guard in front of the tent flap. As loyal and brave as he was, he was terrified of thunder. A storm went through one night and I woke up in time to hear him quietly make his way into the tent and climb up onto my cot where he spent the rest of the night sleeping at my feet “to protect me.”

  4. Can you tell me what habitat is necessary for Lady Slippers? I’d like to try and grow some in my shady places, but want to know about soil, water, etc. Also, could you set aside one for me?

    On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 6:59 AM Fernwood Nursery & Gardens wrote:

    > fernwoodnursery posted: “We have had many good dogs here at the nursery. > There was this one: Boreal who amazed us with his intelligence and his > loyalty. There was good old Miller dog This Old Dog…. who was like a Buddha > in blond fur. Really, really great dogs. We loved them dearl” >

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