Opening This Season, Friday May 7th!

Happy Spring ! We are gearing up for another season and looking forward to sharing our many plant delights! The Hepaticas and Erythronium ‘Rose Queen’, Sanguinaria, and Corydalis are all in bloom and every day another woodland beauty greets us.

We hope you’ve all stayed well and happy throughout the winter months. It has been a rough go for the world at large and we here at Fernwood feel comforted by the natural world and our relationship to it. The woods and rivers and ocean ….and gardens! , an elixir for the body and soul.

So, Friday May 7th it is! Wednesday through Sunday, 9 to 5. We have been posting and writing a bit more on Instagram, please check us out there for additional info,

5 comments on “Opening This Season, Friday May 7th!

  1. Finally, I kept checking for an open date, you are like old friends and it feels good.
    Your friend in Pa. Brenda

  2. Best of luck to you for this season! 2020 was quite a year, wasn’t it? Wish we lived closer! Even before the pandemic, Clif and I had really curtailed our driving. I know the efforts of two people probably don’t add up to much, but we feel as though we need to what we can to reduce our carbon output.

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