Spring Delight

The gardens are greeting us each and every day with beauty and promise. I feel a great need to go out in the morning and travel inch by inch on my hands and knees, examining every little plant, every little shoot, every little flower. Look at this beauty, Erythronium dens-canis ‘Rose Queen’, makes you want to get down on the ground for a closer look, doesn’t it?

9 comments on “Spring Delight

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. I’ve missed your interesting posts and am looking forward to your offerings in the future. Have a grand spring. Stay safe.

  2. How simply exquisite…E. dens-canid ‘Rose Queen’ what an incredible jewel to see…will you be offering any for purchase?
    Looking forward to getting up a few times this year to tour and find things fo the garden…Happy Spring! and peace to you both!

    mr Kyle fletcher baker

  3. So happy you are back as I always enjoy your pictures and advice. Enjoy your plants, animals and “knitting” . Your yarns are so beautiful!. Our best to Mom and sorry to say we won’t be traveling to ME this year or probably ever again due to our ages. Have a great year and stay safe.

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