Soon! Soon Enough!

I have been a very delinquent blog poster for quite sometime now. It has been far easier in the last year to post a few photos and events and “what kind of things might be happening in the world of Fernwood” on Instagram. Here’s the link: We’re inviting you to visit us over there but if this site still functions as a platform for information ( directions, hours, classes) I will certainly be more diligent at keeping it updated. April will have us scurrying to be ready for another season here ( over 30 years this Fernwood gig, pretty amazing, huh?). The greenhouse is being cleared for starts and early propagation. If the weather takes on a consistent warming pattern, we’ll be uncovering the nursery very soon. Yipee!

The first week of May ( exact date to be announced) will be our target for opening this season. We have been putting a list of classes together and will list them here in the Classes And More page.

We look forward to visitors here at the nursery and will keep you posted as we near that time in May when the doors open.

Til then, be well and blessings…

4 comments on “Soon! Soon Enough!

  1. Hi Denise,
    Best wishes for the opening of the nursery for another season in May. I am going back to Sally’s farm on Wednesday to plant some trees.
    Kind regards,

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