A Trip South

A quick trip south and this is what I came across while walking through the woodlands of Kentucky. So incredible to find these beauties in bloom throughout their native landscape. Back in Maine it will be a few more weeks before the ephemerals start blooming. Double dipping in plant delight! And of course, you can find most of these ( and more!) here at Fernwood Nursery!

Podophyllum pefltatum
Clayton virginica
Trillium cuneatum
Sanguinaria canadensis
Saxifrage virginiensis
Silene virginica

7 comments on “A Trip South

    • Great to see them more than once! Fleeting delights! Glad to check back in here on the blog! Do you have an Instagram account? If so, I’ll check for you over there as well. In the last year or so, it has been a platform that has been quicker for me… though I am going to try earnestly to be more active here on the blog too!

      • Instagram is not connected to my blog. I looked to see that there is a way to do it, as for the other social networking venues that the blog is connected with, but it has not been enabled.

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