Sweet Maine Native

Picture 2962This little gem has been catching the eyes of customers while wandering through the nursery here at Fernwood. Linnaea borealis (commonly known as Twinflower) is a sweet little Maine native that often goes unnoticed in the woodland, except for when it is in flower. A small trailing ground cover with glossy evergreen leaves and dainty bell-shaped pink and white flowers, it surprises people with its sweet all-spicey fragrance. The nodding twin flowers are held on an erect stem about 3-4 inches above their (also twin) leaves. Sometimes the smallest and less obvious plants can be the most delightful ones to happen upon!Picture 2971

7 comments on “Sweet Maine Native

  1. love your 6 a.m. posts!
    I grew up in southern Maine but do not remember ever seeing this flower. it is indeed delightful!

    • Love this little woodland gem, Linda…thanks for reading. It has a fairly diverse habitat…not fussy, but often overlooked ( perhaps even stepped on!), when walking through the woods. Glad we have propagated it and have it available here at the nursery for people to enjoy!

  2. I love spotting this little beauty on woods walks, but you’re right that I would probably never notice it without flowers. I would love to have it in my natives-only woodland garden! Thanks for the lovely photographs.

  3. This is such a sweet little plant. the only time I have ever seen it in bloom was on a hike in September in Nova Scotia! I have grown a few plants from seed and they are spreading so well in my woodland garden for the past few years, but they have never flowered! I wonder if there is anything I should be doing to help it to blossom?

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