Our Animal Friends

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An important part of life at Fernwood is our animal friends, both barnyard and stick chasers. They add tremendous dimension to our lives and we love having them around.

Boreal is our offical greeter at Fernwood. He loves to meet new people and would be delighted to show you around the nursery.

Our yellow lab Miller will glady greet you when you arrive…unless he’s resting, in which case you may just receive an acknowledging lift of his head.

This is Lucky, the newest addition to our Fernwood family. He is a handsome, playful pup who keeps Boreal and Miller on their toes.

4 comments on “Our Animal Friends

  1. I was wondering if Lucky still was living with you or if he had found a new home. He was a wonderful dog and I was very happy to have met all three of them when I visited your nursery! Gotta love a place that loves a dog!

    • Hello Sam,
      Thank you for checking out the blog and asking about Lucky. Yes, he is still here and quickly becoming part of the family. We’ve spoiled him so much, we’re not sure he could survive anywhere else. He’s just too cute!
      Rick and Denise

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