A ( Very) Small Sampling Of Our Plants…

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Anemonopsis macrophylla ~ a wonderful Japanese woodlander with nodding lilac and white flowers on 3′ stems in late summer.

Cypripedium reginae ~ one of our most beautiful native orchids with rose and white blooms in June. Slow but relatively easy to grow.

Glaucidium palmatum ~ Japanese woodland poppy with large spring blooms of white or lavender, forming large clumps about 18” tall.

Helleborus thibetanus ~ pink blossoms with a darker vein held above maroon tinted foliage. A very early bloomer, often through snow. Leaves turn green later.

Jeffersonia dubia ~ lavender flowers over 8” tall with clumps of scalloped leaves in spring.

Peony japonica ~ an Asian woodland peony that prefers some shade. Cupped white flowers in May followed by very striking seed pods later in the season that open to bright red with blue berries.

Sanguinaria canadense multiplex ~ a double flowering form of our native bloodroot that blooms a little later and much longer than the single. Grows to 6″ and tolerates drier shade.

Trillium grandiflorum flora plena ~ this double flowering great white trillium prefers a sweeter soil and more sun than most trilliums. Being sterile, the flowers bloom longer than the single and then turn from white to pink.


Anemonella thalictroides ~ ‘Snowflake’ A 6″ double flowering selection of our native. Two months of bloom beginning April/May.

Convallaria ‘Cream da Mint’ ~ larger leaves have gold edges on green centers with a glaucus coating, especially in the spring.

Convallaria ‘Fernwood’s Golden Slippers’ ~ leaves are all gold with white flowers and red fruit. Not as aggressive as most Lily-of-the-Valley.


‘Blue Crater’ ~ medium-large, with deeply cupped and puckered blue leaves.

‘Blue Dolphin’ ~ large and a unique shade of blue. Impressive.

‘Bob Deane’ ~ medium, with rippled cream margins on glaucus green centers. Pure white flowers on purple scapes.

‘Butterscotch Ripple’ ~ medium, with bright gold with deep veins and rippled edges.Turns a beautiful butterscotch color with some early morning or late afternoon sun.

‘Carol & Martin’ ~ medium, with a streaked and splashed ‘Hadspen Blue’. Very striking and different every year in the cream and white on the leaves.

‘Dirigo’ ~ large, upright habit with deeply veined dark green piecrust leaves. White flowers

‘Elephant Ears’ ~ very large, wide spreading gray green with a bit of a shine to the leaves.

‘Fernwood’s Tequila Sunrise’ ~ medium, gold centers with green piecrust margins. Slow growing but a very handsome clump in time.

‘Grand Opening’ ~ medium-large, with smooth green leaves that turn up on the edges. Multiple white flowers on each peduncle that open in turn so that the whole scape can be in bloom at the same time.

‘Gulf Hagas’ ~ large, with deeply veined piecrust gold with a bit of grayness to the leaves. Purple tinged scapes nestled in the gold foliage makes for a great color combo.

‘High Wide & Handsome’ ~ large, spreading upright habit of smooth blue-green leaves that are turned down on the edges. Makes a very wide clump.

‘Ice Prancer’ ~ mediium-large,’Reptillian’ seedling with blue frosted leaves that are very rippled, pointed, and dimpled.

‘Jimmy Crack Corn’ ~ large, with deep veined piecrust gold that holds its leaves horizontally. A distinctive plant when mature.

‘Landfall’ ~ large, semi-upright deep blue green with piecrust edges. Has a very dense growth habit.

‘Nooks & Crannies’ ~ medium-large, with very puckered and crinkled leaves of a gray-gold color with the wax coating found on blue colored hostas. Very different.

‘Reptillian’ ~ medium-large, dark blue green. With age the seersuckerd leaves have piecrust edges and are raised in the middle along the midrib.

‘Tractor Seat’ ~ large, with highly cupped and rugose blue-green leaves that are shaped very much like a tractor seat.

‘Waldo’ ~ large, with deep green leaves that have a lot of character from being puckered, wavy, and somewhat twisted at the same time. White flowers.

23 comments on “A ( Very) Small Sampling Of Our Plants…

    • Hello Eva,
      It is a tough plant to propagate. We have seed from an area bog….a lovely plant but do not have the plant itself in the nursery. We’ll see what we can get from the seeds….stay in touch, perhaps we will have them in the future!

    • Sorry we do not ship. We are asked this frequently, but have not felt it was a part of the business we wished to explore. I do not know of any others that carry Butterscotch Ripple, a beauty and very much requested! good luck!

  1. great plants and incredible gardens…long to come again and wander for the afternoon….once all this current situation of virus is done…trust you’re both well and hanging in there…

    • Thank you, Kyle! What a sweet message and really means a lot during these unsettling times! I do very much remember you visiting the nursery and the great chat (s) we had. We are hoping to open in May as expected, though will work on making any adjustments that bring comfort to visitors. Hope you are well also and looking forward to ‘sunnier’ days!

    • Do you mean Convallaria striata? We almost always do but I will have to go up and see if we have it potted up in the nursery. We do have both of our introductions, Fernwood’s Golden Slippers and also another introduction, Cream da Mint.

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