Our Vegetables

We so enjoy the process of planting and growing that we very often start many more plants than we have space to plant. On occasion and in the spring, Denise will often offer her extra vegetable seedlings for sale at the nursery. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask as we may just have it in our greenhouse!

9 comments on “Our Vegetables

    • That’s for sure….and then getting to enjoy them throughout the whole year. Seed catalogs already arriving, at night we sit reading each one and making lists. Spring not so far off! Welcome to the blog and thank you for writing!

        • Always. We are serious about boycotting GMO (hope that’s not too harsh sounding). many companies that sell seed have taken the ‘pledge’ not to sell gmo seed. FEDCO here in Maine, an excellent seed source. Also Johnny Selected Seed, here in Maine. High Mowing over in Vermont. Seeds of Change, another one. So glad to know you are planting with this in mind, so important for our future and our health. Have not been able to access your blog, how do I do that? Thank you so much for the kind and supportive words.

        • I’ve been against GMO since day one! So no, doesn’t sound harsh at all. I wish more people would learn as much as they can about this and what we are putting into our bodies and ground! I will check out those companies to see if they are online and ship. Thank you for the info.

  1. We always plant more than we need also. I usually give them away, but we are thinking about intentional over planting with the mind to sell them also (in the near future). Always looking for ways to make a living here on the island…

    • So curious about your veg gardens there, would love to learn more about gardening in Ireland, warmer yes, but far less sun, right? We are at the moment a long way from seeing bare ground and growth….but, as always, it will come!

  2. Not warmer, just warmer sooner. Winter is not as long or cold, but likewise, summer is not even close to the heat. Wind chill is something to consider almost all the time, but maybe that is just on our wee island. The only way to grow tomatoes and cucumbers, peppers, basil, etc is in a tunnel. It is way too risky to attempt outside. There are a couple great gardening books from super talented growers that guide us, all about growing in Ireland.

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