Sustainable Living

Fiber from our sheep, ready for felting.

Sustainability is an integral part of the life and goals here at Fernwood Nursery.  There is both satisfaction and security from knowing that you are able provide for oneself, one’s family,  and one’s community.  This understanding of where our food and other life sustaining resources come from an important and committed undertaking.Whether it be the wood we burn, the animals we raise, the vegetables we grow, or the soil we build, all contribute to our sense of connectedness to the earth. It is important to know where our food comes from, how the goods we need are created, and the energy and considerations that go into it all.

As we witness global changes and other environmental challenges, it becomes increasingly important to continue with this lifestyle, one that allows us to become less dependent on resources outside of our own farm and community. We continually strive for a more efficient and highly sustainable lifestyle.

We’ve made a conscious decision to live this way and while it’s not always easy, it is almost always rewarding and surely abundant in good food, good soil, happy plants, happy animals, and happy humans.

12 comments on “Sustainable Living

  1. Your site is beautiful and inspiring. We are working with the same values.
    Thank you for so beautifully sharing your lives. Looking forward to visiting your place and maybe attending a class. Warmly, Marty Elkin at A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm

    • Hello Marty,
      Thank you for visiting our blog site. This life has its good measure of hard work but is always rewarding and keeps us mindful. Visit anytime, would love to meet you and chat about all things “wool” …..and more.

    • Hi Molly,
      Thank you for visiting our blog and we appreciate your interest…….well, We could speak about sustainable living, maybe you could give us more info about what you are thinking. Our life is genuine and we live it this way because it is right for us and feels important with regards to the environmental/social needs of the world .Growing food, building soil, thinking about our own impact on the world around us,is important and a bit sacred, I would say. We appreciate you reading a bit of what our days are like…what venue were you thinking? Enjoy this lovely arrival of spring and take care, denise

  2. Hi Denise. I am a member of the Kennebec Garden Club and I think we could learn alot from you re: how to begin maybe on a smaller scale to sustainable living. I am planning on visiting your nursery this summer and maybe I can speak more on this subject then

    • Hi Molly,
      Glad you are finding interest in the blog and the nursery. Would love to talk with you about sustainable living, So important these days to consider our impact on the world. And yes, I am a true believer that small scale sustainablity can be achieved by most and makes a tremendous difference in the bigger picture. For so many with small holdings ( even less than an acre), sustainability practices can be applied. Would love to talk more, see you sometime this summer and thank you so much for reading!

  3. Just delighted to be introduced to your blog. My heart warms each and every time I discover a new Maine based blog. And we have so much in common, but you are miles ahead of us. I look forward to reading more and learning a thing or two from you.

    • So happy to have discovered your blog as well…..a Maine girl living in Ireland! I come to Ireland to do some work every year, County Kerry, with a friend who owns a home there. It is awesome that a gal from Maine is living in Ireland and creating a sustainable life….love that! Finding your blog, a gift during this Maine winter of snow and cold ( which I actually love). I’m sure through this discovery and the common ground , there could be lots to share. I am a bit envious of your life in Ireland…love that country! Hope your winter has been mild and delightful…….are spring flowers just beginning to emerge?
      Blessings and best to you,

  4. Denise, I do miss the snow. I always loved cross country skiing every chance I got. Having a young family, we have not ventured far off the island yet. The seven of us have only left the island all together three times now. One of those trips was a family wedding in Kerry. Just glorious, the countryside and the weather were all just glorious! How lovely for you to have a friend in Kerry to visit regularly.
    There are daffodils in bloom and some herbs and rocket have fresh growth. But it is still cold. The wind is like nothing I ever experienced on such a regular basis back in Maine. I am often praying that our poly tunnel is not lifted off into orbit. Seedlings will be started soon, I always start too early and then have an overflow of them in the tunnel and no weather to put them outside. I am holding out until mid March, everything except the lettuce. Fingers crossed, we’ve so much to learn.
    I know you are still buried in snow. Warm weather is around the corner, for us all 🙂
    Time to take cake out of the oven…lovely to chat. Take care, Melissa

  5. Your website and commitment to a lightly on the planet lifestyle inspires and encourages me to do more. My current thing is a focus on my water usage, and being more mindful of the fact I live in the desert. Thank you. 🐞

    • Thank you, JoHanna. Water a big issue for us as well. Though the state of Maine has a bounty of lakes, ponds, rivers, and aquifers and a climate that does not suffer from drought ( usually, this year we did!), we still feel very strongly about protecting and conserving this precious life giving resource. Our biggest threat is Poland Springs (owned by Nestle inc) and they own water right to some very substantial aquifers in our state . They are pumping enormous amounts of water with no regard to conservation. Very worried about this in the future. Oh my. Thank you for reading and commenting here and also writing your beautiful thoughts and words on your own blog. We’ll all continue do do our part! blessing to you, denise

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