Making Time This Month

Picture 363December? Every year before I know it, it’s December. Christmas is right around the corner, sneaking up just beyond our day of turkey and giving thanks. I always feel some disappointment if I can’t find ( make) time to do something in honor of the Christmas holiday. I don’t mean buying gifts or shopping online. I don’t mean jumping on the commercial band wagon of Christmas. I mean taking some time to celebrate friends and loved ones. Creating ceremony and celebration. Pausing this last month of 2014 to reflect, to find something each day to savor and give my thought to. So, this is my goal. To do at least one thing each day during this month that recognizes, celebrates, and honors the family and friends that I am blessed to have in my life. This could mean baking special loaves of holiday bread to give out, some hand made chocolate truffles, and of course, something knitted. It could mean having a friend over for tea and scones, or taking a walk with someone I don’t see very often, or dropping off a plate of cookies to a neighbor. And to indulge in my own love for making things, there is always a long list of hand made – hand crafted gifts to choose from. Mostly, I want to make time…..not get whipped up in the hustle and bustle of holiday hoopla so much that Christmas passes before my eyes. I would like to savor this last month of December, and pay close attention to this very good life, which truly warrants bearing witness to. Today, I will send some notes to far away friends that I don’t get a chance to connect with very often ( not often enough). Not just a Christmas card…..but a note. And tonight, a special dinner with my brother coming over. An opportunity to catch up with him and have some real conversation. The gift of time, that’s a good one. What are some of the special ways you celebrate the season? Hope you’re enjoying the everyday of this holiday season and remembering also to take time……for yourself and for others.