Picture 002Yes, blueberries…….and now a winters supply stored away in the freezer. Harvested by two different friends, and raked from their own organic fields. Nothing like Maine blueberries! But also, 75 skeins of yarn from our Blue Face Leicester sheep. Picture 005This year, unlike any other, we sent 30 or more pounds of fleece to have processed into yarn. The decision being made as a result of gorgeous fleeces piling up and only having the ability to handspin just so many. A whole room of roving awaits for just that, so spinning will not cease and handspun yarn will still be offered for sale. I sent the fleeces off to the Battenkill Woolen Mill and they did a fabulous job. Now….lots of yarn to dye and lots of yarn to sell. If you are interested in beautifully lustrous and soft Blue Face Leicester yarn, contact us here at the nursery to purchase skeins. ( ). I am thrilled to have all this yarn to dye, and with fall approaching……that’s just what I’ll be doing!Picture 008Picture 007