Tears? Holes? Split Seams?

Two years ago, I met a fine young woman in the village of Liberty who has a passion for textiles. Maya is an accomplished designer, seamstress, printer, and maker of all kinds of things.Oh, the talent! I really appreciate Mia’s eye for detail and her style. She also has a deep affinity for breathing new life into old objects, particularly garments. Whether it be a battered civil war jacket or an old flannel shirt from her sweeties closet, Maya will mend it with precision and make it lovely once again.
I asked Maya if she’d come teach a mending class here in the studio. “Of course”, she said, “I’d love to”!
So, on Sunday, April 22nd from 1:00-3:00, Maya will be here at Fernwood for an afternoon of sewing instruction. If interested, bring along a project that needs mending and learn both sashiko and traditional darning methods. All of the materials and instruction will be provided…and, as with all classes here at Fernwood, tea and scones will be served.
Class size is limited, so please sign up in advance. You can visit our classes and more page for additional information or email us here at the nursery: fernwoodnursery@fairpoint.net.
Come join us! Afterall, it’s Earth Day, what better day to upcycle or recycle a favorite piece of clothing!!

Today And Everyday

We know it’s Earth Day and it is pleasing to think that the world takes time to celebrate our big green earth. It seems fair and just, that this planet, our global home and mother that tries her best to sustain us, gets her day on our yearly calendar. I’m not sure this particular day is what we consider so significant, but what we are celebrating and honoring, certainly is. Honestly, think about it, everyday is Earth Day. We plant our feet on it everyday, we benefit from all its life giving components, we are able to exist because of her generosity, everyday. We all have our own mothers, and soon we will be celebrating that day as well. We will call our moms and thank her, we will give her cards and flowers, and we will say ” Thanks for life, mom”. When we consider how life giving all mothers are……our own birth mums and the big green earth mother that embraces all of us….it may feel surprising that we would take any of it for granted. I hope this one day that gets written on our calendar as Earth Day, reminds us to pay tribute…. each and every day. A simple acknowledgement, a thank you, a prayer, some gratitude and appreciation , for this wonderful planet that tries to sustain us, against some great odds. Doesn’t it make sense that we protect, nurture, and honor this life giving force? I am often humbled by the earths tenacity, resilience, and fierce want to provide……I am also confused at how we may often underestimate our responsibility to respect and regard its health and future.
Enjoy this day, enjoy tomorrow, enjoy each and everyday that is gifted to us from our big, lovely, Mother Earth.2012-02-16_13-14-51_634