Luxury Houses, The Tiny Version!

picture-3534Here are the little clay dwellings that were made at our fairy house workshop. We took them from the kiln a few days ago. They are so adorable, each one!. I am quite certain that any fairy, gnome, or traveling wood nymphs searching for a place to reside would love one of these handcrafted homes. We’ll be offering this class again in the spring. If you’d like to add a little whimsy to your garden next season, consider taking this class! picture-3539picture-3536

Check This Out!

055Over the last several years, our friends Martin and Carol have been traveling up to Fernwood from the Boston area, and going home with a selection of our plants. They come every year, and we always look forward to their visit. They’re great people. They take their time in choosing plants, each one carefully selected, and always inquire about site requirements or any special needs of a certain plant. At first it was mostly hostas they were after, but now they have expanded their interests to include many of the natives and woodland plants being offered.040 Their gardens are, as you can see, a result of their love and passion for plants. Amazing. We’ve been asking them for sometime now to send a few photos of their gardens ( they go home with a lot of plants….what are they doing with all these plants?). Well……here are some amazing photos of just what they’re doing. Oh, and one time, Carol casually mentioned to me that Martin was building a few little fairy houses amongst the gardens. Well, I guess maybe! 048Who wouldn’t want these delightful and whimsical creations amongst their plants. Personally, I think I might like to live in one of Martin and Carol’s fairy houses, to enjoy their beautiful and thoughtfully tended gardens, happily peering out from one those handcrafted doors. Oh my.051
Enjoy the photos that Martin and Carol have shared and let them insipre you in your own gardens and creations! And…..if you’re looking for a handcrafted fairy house of your very own, you know who to ask to build it!052032045046050051