Fall Days

Picture 1813We have been blessed with an incredibly warm and beautiful Fall. A little rain here and there, just enough , I would say. A few cold and cloudy days, days we’re happy to come in to enjoy the warmth of a fire in the woodstove. What I like best about Fall is the pace. A big list still sits on the table, I’m afraid we’ll never be without a big list. But the way we go about tackling the tasks does seem less intense. Perhaps our bodies (and minds) are naturally winding down for the restorative season of winter. The days begin with a little less urgency……we wait for the sun to come up, we have a second cup of coffee, we look over the days work and make a plan. Right now, the very last of the firewood is being stacked ( some for next year, too!). More apples are being pressed for a winter’s supply of cider. Some of the gardens are being cut back and the soil amended. The animals are all being brought home to their winter lodging. The studio will have it’s roof on this weekend, the wiring done, and we’ll insulate the loft area. More yarn is being spun and dyed. Yes, there is a hefty list for sure, but I am enjoying the fact that we are not feeling so frenzied with having to cross off an entire list in one day. I want November to linger, I want to feel everyday as a gift of time. Perhaps the slower pace of these Autumnal days allows us to be a bit more present in our world, I like that. So off I go, list in hand and with no terrible urgency, to pay attention to my day! I hope you are all enjoying these beautiful days of Fall!