A Few More Hauls

Picture 296Picture 307Today, while some may be out filling their bags with candy and goodies, we will be out gathering a bit more of that last late harvest. Last night we got our first real hard frost. We did cover everything, but it’s time….time to bring most of what’s left inside for winter storage. The pile of peppers were collected from the hoop house and larger cold frames. The beets have been growing in the main garden and doing well to tolerate light frosts, now they’ll come in. The winter squash that has been curing in the greenhouse will be put into wooden boxes and stored upstairs in our coolest room ( actually about 50 degrees and dry, which squash prefer). I think our final squash count was around 100. A collection of butternut, buttercup, delicata, and some smaller blue hubbard. Last to come in will be the cabbage, the kale and chard, and some last rows of spinach. On Monday, the larger flock of sheep will come home to their winter quarters. Having things ( animals and vegetables) tucked in and close to the homestead during the winter months make tending to chores much easier. After all the work today……a trick or treat candy bar would be nice!

Who’s in the Garden and What’s Coming Out

Mabel & Emmet

Some delightful young friends of mine came over for an afternoon of scarecrow making. Emmet and Mabel both live on nearby farms and it’s always a treat to spend time with them. They have great imaginations and love to be silly, this adds a lot of fun and good energy to my day. Here are a couple of folks who magically appeared from some handy frames Rick had built and a trip to the Goodwill. Continue reading