Picture 3353Picture 3359Picture 3341Fernwood is known for its shade-loving perennials. People will often make a special trip to find some of the native and woodland plants we grow. After all, we are ‘Maine’s Shadiest Nursery’. On any given day, a customer may visit the nursery and go home with a gold edged crinkled leaf hosta, a Lobelia cardinalis, and maybe a trillium or two (for an example). We have rows and rows of carefully selected plants to choose from for shade and woodland. Years of work has gone into the selecting and propagation of the plants we grow.
But, I must say, if you look across the nursery towards the vegetable gardens and areas with more open space, you’ll a see a swath of sun-loving non-natives…poppies galore, an army of foxglove, oodles of borage, chamomile, and calendula, patches of delphiniums and dahlias, roses and peonies, not to mention the dill and cilantro and fennel…all of which make their home quite happily right along side the vegetables. Why not? It’s flower love out there! It’s a bouquet picking bonanza! Every day I go and clip a few bunches, large and small, so each room in the house gets their own cheery and often fragrant arrangement. I’ll finish this post by just saying this…..” all these flowers bring me (shade and no shade) so MUCH joy!!! Picture 3397Picture 3365Picture 3399