The Gardens Now

The gardens are now just shy of that bursting point. We’ve had some rain. We’ve had some warm sunny days. The plants are responding and putting forth all their best efforts. Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it just the most delightful thing in the world (O.K., certainly one of the most delightful!). A customer came by yesterday, wandered through the gardens, explored the nursery and said: “My, you must really enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning while strolling these gardens”.You bet we do! Bliss.
This week during a bit of downtime ( Mondays and Tuesdays) I’ll be posting some more of the classes we are offering. A wet felting class, as well as a class on wool dyeing, an herbal cocktail and mocktail making class, more hypertufa building, and a class on creating interesting vessels with succulents. Rick will offer another fern identification class and a late summer class on dividing shade and woodland plants. Stay tuned!
Hope you are enjoying all that brings you joy and delight during these precious summer months!

The Peonies

Picture 1004The herbaceous peonies are really performing. Each variety seems to have more blooms per plant then ever before. This means…..ta da….cut peonies for the table and vases full of gorgeous blooms around the house. Even the tree peonies and peony ‘ Garden Treasure’ are laden with blooms. Oh my!

Vadim, one of our wwoofers

Vadim, one of our wwoofers

We have been meaning to write a blog about our wwoofers that are helping out here at the nursery and farm. Vadim has been with us for two weeks and we expect new arrivals tomorrow. This week, expect a post about them and the wwoofer program. Having a few extra hands during the busy season is a tremendous help. Stay tuned for more about our visitors!