Nearing The Holiday

Life is busy with making and crafting, homemade gifts being packaged and sent off to reach loved ones before Christmas. The kitchen is a jumble of cookie cutters, baking sheets, and loaf pans. Dried fruit, spices, and cookie sprinkling won’t find their way back to the pantry shelf until after the festivities. Butter, eggs, and cream fill the fridge…thank you, thank you, to our flock of layers, their contribution to these holiday confections is very much appreciated!
In between the kneading and stirring, I am clicking needles fast and furious to finish the requested wool socks and hats that will be gifted. Such fun, all of this! Then, of course, there are moments of silly whimsey and we haul out the red Christmas blankets and the old wooden wagon and the Sterno stove for a little tea party while the snow cover is still good ( rain coming, yuk!).
Happy Holidays everyone! Hope your season and the new year is filled with merry and delight!

New Cupboard

Picture 495Very excited about our new cupboard, made from old barn boards, a recycled window, and a knob I had kicking around. This was my birthday gift and just what I needed. Most often in our family when gifts are given they are of the homemade kind. Winter here at the nursery allows for a little more time to create things like this. It was a fun little project for Rick, who loves finding old boards or windows to work with. We are grateful to have time to make things during the colder months, pretty soon we’ll be right back to growing things. Of course, we love that too! I’m quite delighted to have a rustic cupboard to store extra bowls and tumblers, and just looking at it makes me happy. Homemade goodness, for sure!