These Days

Soon, I am off to Ireland to help my friend Sally with some farm projects. We have some ‘irons in the fire’ with regards to Herdwick sheep , in addition to collecting more oral histories. I’ll be writing about this later and more than likely from ‘that side of the pond’, as they say.
In the meantime, here are a few things happening at Fernwood as we ready ourselves for the colder months ahead….
Some of the potted begonias have been brought in with hopes that I don’t kill them over the winter ( can you believe that someone who co-owns a nursery can kill a houseplant in no time at all!).
The Ray’s Calais corn has been brought in from the garden, shucked, and is now in the greenhouse for further drying. Those jewels of kernels, beautiful, yes?
The winter squash has a couple more weeks of curing and then we’ll haul them in for storage
The carmal colored Adzuki beans are now on the top of the threshing list.
Swiss chard continues to thrive and wave like a row of rainbow flags in the garden.
Playing around a bit with shorn ( uncleaned) fleeces and felting them to processed roving, the result being a ‘sheepskin without the hide’.
And, the knitting continues…

PictureI am being urged out of hibernation to make a quick trip to Ireland. We’ll be foraging, dyeing wool with lichens, and attending a few local horse fairs. I’ll keep you posted on our day to day adventures….another sit-down afternoon tea with the donkeys, no doubt. Stay tuned!

A Bit From Here And A Bit From There

1936For a few weeks, Fernwood Nursery will be posting from both home and away. Rick is home tending the fires and animals, as well as the regular day to day chores of the nursery. He’ll be putting up an occasional post from our home turf, as I send posts from another adventure here in Ireland. Yes, I am super fortunate to have an amazing and supportive husband who will hold down the fort in Maine while I trek around Ireland, visiting friends and rural horse fairs ( I do this while assisting my friend Sally, who has been photographing and recording some of the rural traditions and people of County Kerry Ireland). The absolute beauty of Ireland, along with the wonderful and down to earth people I am lucky enough to spend time with, brings me the greatest joy. I don’t travel far from our humble homestead in Maine very often, but when I do…’s to Ireland. I’ll keep you posted from the Emerald Isles, while Rick fills us in with events back in Maine.