Paeonia japonica

Arisaema consanguineum

Always amazed by the structure of seeds and seed pods while we are out collecting. Blooms may be less frequent now but we are blessed with all the seed diversity in the gardens. Nature’s well thought out arrangement with regard to seeds, pods, and dispersal. Pretty cool, heh?

Clematis viorna

Echinacea purpurea

Our Average-Sized Helper


And our mystery guest is……. Anna! (pictured here with her new favorite dog, Miller):


Anna comes to us from New York City, where she is a grad student in creative writing. She found us through, a website dedicated to bringing people who are interested in learning about organic farming together with the farms that appreciate an extra set of hands. Although she has never lived in a rural environment she is really enjoying Fernwood, where she does weeding, planting, watering, seeding, and helping us take care of our chicks, sheep, and new piglets.

She says, “I am working harder physically than I ever have to in New York– I am used to sitting behind a desk with a computer or surrounded by books and notebooks with a cup of coffee, which is a very different kind of work . I am also a teacher, which, while being draining, is not exactly physical either. Now here I am digging in the dirt for half a day and it’s amazing! Yesterday I got to weed around the hosta plants in the nursery, reading all of the plant variety names– there are like a hundred different kinds of hostas! Some of them have little ripples in the leaves, some have golden-edged leaves, some are huge and bright green, some tiny and striped– it’s fascinating. I am learning a lot every day.”

Actually, Anna, we have over 300 hosta varieties. “Oh. ok.”

As Anna slips into a rain poncho and rubber boots and skips over to the nursery to recount the hostas, let us fill you in on other Fernwood news. The Azaleas, Jack in the Pulpits and Lady Slippers are in bloom, as is the Amsonia.

Many of our customers have been curious about this unusual plant:


This Himalayan Ornamental Rhubarb, only 2 years old, is over 5 feet tall and sports a head of pink flower over deep-ridged, sprawling leaves. We love this addition to our garden and hope you can come see it for yourself.