Wednesday, May 8th! Opening Day!

The nursery is stocked and the display beds are peppered with spring ephemerals. We are busy, busy and looking forward to the new season! Looking for some Maine natives or an unusual rarity? Come visit, the shingle is out welcoming you this Wednesday!
Our hours for the season are Wednesday through Sunday, 9 to 5. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Jeffersonia dubia

Hepatica triloba

When Spring Takes Her Time

Picture 480There is a lot to be said for the kind of spring that evolves slowly. Why rush into things? All the early blooming plants are allowed center stage this time of year, no worry about competing with the large leaved hostas or the really dramatic flowering plants. Now is the time to be a simple and beautful Hepatica nobilis. You wouldn’t believe how many times we stop to admire this little gem.
Though the lingering cold temperatures are holding back the growth of many plants …..they are all beginning to make their appearance.
Picture 481 We love this ornamental rhubarb, Rheum palmatum ‘Red Herald’. In the spring it has very red/purple cut leaves that really stand out in the early spring garden. By summer, the tops of the leaves are green, but the undersides remain a very deep red. It has tall spikes of pink flowers, and reaches an average size of 3’x5’wide. Our customers are always struck by its size and color. It really makes a statement……but no more than our beloved Hepaticas.