Mulch and Mulching

Snow at FernwoodFinally Mother Nature has given us a couple storms of fresh soft snow, something we always look forward to, for a couple of reasons. One is that as long as it is cold and officially winter, it is nice to have the snow for recreation and the absolute beauty of it. The other is that it insulates the ground and prevents or at least minimizes the amount of freeze thaw that takes place. As a nursery we depend on the snow to cover the plants we have stored outside in pots. Being in containers, the temperature fluctuations are much harder on the plants since their roots are near the sides of the pots. It can be deadly. The same plants in the ground however do not experience such drastic conditions. The roots are in the ground and are not subjected to such highs and lows. Any temperature change in the soil around the roots and crowns is apt to be more gradual. The snow gives us a little more peace of mind. Continue reading