Old News

Picture 579Picture 580This winter Rick’s been working on the restoration of an old house in town.Picture 574 He found some newspapers, from 1914, tucked into the walls. Years ago, people often used what they had to help insulate their houses; newspapers, rags, sheep fleece, what ever was available to cut down on the drafts. It’s always interesting to read some of the advertisements and about the things that were happening in your area 100 years ago. Sure would have loved to get our hands on this farm, though isn’t it sad to think that someone was having to sell their beloved place due to health issues. The social column even named some of the old families from here in Montville! Don’t you love that you could go down to Perry’s to purchase some native smoked Alewives, pure leaf lard, and a few Belfast made cigars? Cornflakes and sugar cured bacon? Put that on the list for this week’s shopping! Here are a few pictures and some old news from long ago.Picture 576Picture 573Picture 568Picture 571