Still Winter

Picture 030We have always known that winter here in Maine continues into the month of March. As the sun warms us, we may begin to think differently. We may even suspect that something has gone amiss and that we are being subjected to unfairness. Still snow? Ice? Freezing temperatures? Shouldn’t winter be over? Don’t count on it. Yes, March is truely the cruelest month. March is tricky. Let’s face it, March is still winter. We tip our faces to the sun, aching for green growth and bare earth to change the landscape and March says “no, not quite yet”Picture 027
Yesterday, we spent the day in the greenhouse, moving benches, sorting pots, and readying the space for the season. The sun did come out and that wonderful space did reach a temperature of about 60 degrees ( without the furnace running). Bliss, really.
Picture 031Indoors, trays of seeds line the windows, benefiting from both sun and wood heat. Too soon to move them into the greenhouse and subject them to March’s fickle nature. Peppers and tomatoes require real warmth to germinate, more so than some of the other seeds, like brassicas and greens. So, we continue to keep them indoors with propagation mats warming them from underneath.
Picture 010This afternoon while tending the sheep, with snow still blanketing the fields and a goood crust of ice on top, Rick and I could not help ourselves………get the toboggan and the runner sleds! Oh, the joy and the thrill of sledding. Didn’t we fly over that frozen ground! Truth be told, I did have to get after Rick every so often to stop dragging his feet and slowing us down. He is the more cautious one.
The sheep watched from the top of the hill while munching their hay. They didn’t seem to be all that impresssed with these last moments of winter fun. I think fields of green grass are more likely to be on their minds. Soon enough, girls.Picture 018