Barn Dinner

Before I left for my time in Ireland, I catered a dinner in a barn/studio for a friend. It was the end of September, the nights were perfect for an outdoor fire and to have the big barn doors slung open to let some sea breeze in. There was still plenty of garden produce available for salads and side dishes and it was also cool enough for several crocks of baked beans. Steamed lobster, a broth made with mussels and saffron, and ice cream sandwiches made with home baked molasses cookies, helped to round out the meal. Every year I cater a limited amount of these farm to table dinners. I love doing them. I enjoy cooking at different locations, working with the scenery and atmosphere that each one offers up. Next summer I hope to offer a few Tear Drop trailer dinners. What do you think… vintage Tear Drop trailer, an ocean view, and a meal prepared with food from our farm and locally sourced ingredients?
Here are some photos from the barn dinner….and, yes that is a sheep making her way through the dining area. I did mention the word barn, didn’t I? Oh my! If you have any interest in having a very special meal prepared and served out of the cute and cozy teardrop trailer, email questions at I’ll even brings along some sheep if you’d like!

Adventures With The Teardrop

Picture 2079Picture 2009We decided to roll out the teardrop trailer for one last adventure before the snow flies. We will get some snow, won’t we? I am counting on that, you know. This warm weather, however, did allows us to hike up into the field to have a little camp out. I made a stew with some turkey and sausage, and a skillet of cornbread with cheddar and caramelized onion. Not too shabby for a meal around the campfire. There was tea, of course…always TEA to go along with any TEArdrop adventure. Here are some photos of that perfect afternoon in December….. Picture 2076Picture 1980Picture 2005Picture 2085Picture 2068Picture 2010Picture 2028Picture 2094