Winter Sheep Pasture

Picture 520Picture 532Our sheep flock is kept close to the barn in winter. We bring them home from their summer pasture, and this allows us to keep a close eye on them as we near the lambing season. Also, sheep don’t travel far in deep snow, and for what? No green grass to lure them over the hills or down into the lower field. No, they are quite happy to have a smaller area to roam, along with their reliable humans visiting them twice daily with hay and grain and fresh water. Green grass and sunshine are good, but their winter accommodation are not bad either. I am always struck however, at how different the sheep fields look in winter. So, here are a few photos of the sheep pasture in the winter. So different from those summer months when they’re speckled with sheep and strung with fencing ( which we spend endless hours during the summer months moving for intensive grazing purposes). This is the time of year we get the flexible flyer out, take a running leap from up by the barn, and sail down to the lower field. This often means going up and over a stone wall and , if you’re like me and prefer to sled without too much steering involved, through the hedges that divide the upper and lower fields. No fun unless you lose your hat and maybe one of your gloves along the way. All this fun takes your mind off of the long wait for spring and new plant growth. In another month, we’ll start sowing some of the seeds that have been ordered. Onions, leeks, parsley, and even some greens that will go into the hoop house as soon as the soil can be dug. With almost 3 ft of snow on the ground, it’s hard to believe those days are in the not too distant future. But I believe they are, I really do!Picture 535Picture 534