Winter Knitting, Anyone?

picture-2104We are just about to begin our yearly 3-month yarn CSA ( community supported agriculture). If there are any knitters who are short on yarn stash or simply want to knit something using some delicious Blue Face Leicester yarn from our flock…here’s your chance. picture-735It’s soft and lustrous, hand dyed and all from our sheep here at Fernwood Nursery. And, you actually get a little more than yarn…right to your mailbox!! Please email us at with any orders or inquiries. I’ll respond pronto! And the sheep here… well, they say “thank ewe”!picture-3926picture-3923

12 comments on “Winter Knitting, Anyone?

    • Judy, for you knitting lessons would be free…you just have to stay at the Fernwood Winter B&B (ha) which would include scones…..and maybe a bit of shoveling….and farm chores…..and firewood stacking. You’d be up for that, wouldn’t you , Judy?

    • Thank you, Kerry. It’s a good time for me to send out yarn, more time for spinning and dyeing wool in the winter. I think more knitters knit in the winter, so that helps too. The sheep and I appreciate the support!

    • Thank you Melissa, I’d send you a sheep if I could. Two maybe, they’ed look pretty good grazing just outside your kitchen window! And those clever kids of yours would have skeins of yarn spun and dyed in no time!Hope your winter is going well. Thought of traveling over in February ( Sally will) but think I’ll stay tucked in here at home. Winter time is precious to me, time for spinning, knitting, felting…making things. Surely hope to see you all again though, next Fall. Hi to everyone!

      • I understand there are many months of winter left for you and probably even the most enjoyable part of it–holidays over and closer to the end than the beginning–but being just three weeks until spring here, I am about to start seedlings.

        It has been such a strange winter for us. Though we are due our first spell of winter weather this week, we have had a winter here as nice as most summers; very strange indeed. I can hear the wind howling outside my window right now and temps are set to plummet. Snow is predicted for Thursday countrywide. Rarely does the island see it though. I would adore a school snow day for the children though!

        I love all your winter crafts and wish we were closer to do some fiber arts together. I could learn so much from you.

  1. What a wonderful idea. I, too, hope you have lots of takers. I have my hands full with my own spinning this winter, or I would sign up. I somehow find I’m busier than expected this winter and still haven’t had the time for any knitting projects … Maybe next year. Winter’s just aren’t long enough!

    • So true , Brenda…winters aren’t long enough! I always have great ambition to finish projects ( working on this!) and begin some new ones that have been floating around in my head. Where does the time go??? I love the yarn CSA, it helps the flock here but it also allows me to get some of our yarn out to knitters. Packaging it up with a pattern and a picture of one of the sheep, also a little’story’ of farm life is great fun from this end.
      Good luck with your winter projects! denise

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