Toad Lilies

Tricyrtis ' Miyazaki'

Tricyrtis ‘ Miyazaki’

Tricyrtis, commonly called toad lily, is a late blooming perennial for the shade garden. We have them in bloom now in our gardens. There are about 20 species of Tricyrtis, mostly from East Asia, where they inhabit wooded edges and shaded areas where the soil is rich and evenly moist to wet. Most of them bloom from August through September, but some will bloom even later as hard frost will allow. One species, Tricyrtis latifolia, does bloom in mid summer with yellow flowers. The flowers are very orchid like, usually having a base color of white to cream with many blue, purple, or reddish dots on them. Depending on the species or cultivar, the flowers are held at the tip of the stalk or at each leaf node, giving the plant an arching effect as they open and weigh the plant down. With more than 30 cultivars to choose from, hardy from zone 4 to 7, one can usually find a few for the garden. They are not a favorite of deer. We have had very good success with them and are always pleased to have them in adding such interesting color so late in the season. And how did the Toad Lily get its name? On the back side of the flower there are small bumps that resemble warts, much like the warty skin on a toads back.
Tricyrtis 'White Towers'

Tricyrtis ‘White Towers’