Tears? Holes? Split Seams?

Two years ago, I met a fine young woman in the village of Liberty who has a passion for textiles. Maya is an accomplished designer, seamstress, printer, and maker of all kinds of things.Oh, the talent! I really appreciate Mia’s eye for detail and her style. She also has a deep affinity for breathing new life into old objects, particularly garments. Whether it be a battered civil war jacket or an old flannel shirt from her sweeties closet, Maya will mend it with precision and make it lovely once again.
I asked Maya if she’d come teach a mending class here in the studio. “Of course”, she said, “I’d love to”!
So, on Sunday, April 22nd from 1:00-3:00, Maya will be here at Fernwood for an afternoon of sewing instruction. If interested, bring along a project that needs mending and learn both sashiko and traditional darning methods. All of the materials and instruction will be provided…and, as with all classes here at Fernwood, tea and scones will be served.
Class size is limited, so please sign up in advance. You can visit our classes and more page for additional information or email us here at the nursery: fernwoodnursery@fairpoint.net.
Come join us! Afterall, it’s Earth Day, what better day to upcycle or recycle a favorite piece of clothing!!

17 comments on “Tears? Holes? Split Seams?

  1. This class just makes me smile thinking of my mother and grandmother mending clothes. In particular, I was thinking of the smooth wooden sock darner they put inside the sock. (I had to look the name up on google. I could see it clear as a bell, but had no idea what it was called.) I think this class is wonderful, and I’m so happy you are having a good response. Now, if I just lived a little bit closer. πŸ™‚

  2. Lucky folks who live nearby enough to attend. If Maya ever makes a trip into New York City, I hope she lets me know!

    • Styra, You would so enjoy this young lady. Very accomplished in the world of textiles. She creates beautiful things and loves to teach. Already people are asking about a late summer class! i bet she’d love to be in NYC! Happy spring to you!

    • You could teach this session, Kerry! Maya is delightful and very talented and I am so glad that she is passionate about art within the world of textiles but also holding tradition and honoring the needful and simple task of mending.

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