The Thanksgiving Scene

Picture 1889Always cook more food than you think you’ll need for your Thanksgiving guests. Even if you are feeding twenty, prepare for at least 35. You want to know why? For days after that feast, you won’t have to cook a thing!! You just leave a stack of clean plates on the counter, remind everyone that they’re responsible for washing their own dishes, and then go and relax. Or eat more pie. Or stack more wood, in my case. Then eat more pie.Picture 1861
Twenty people did show up to eat and enjoy the day. Even our wonderful WWOOfer from New Hampshire came… great to have helping hands during the summer, and to then have them travel back to enjoy the harvest. We would have also loved to have our other amazing WWOOFer here as well, Cristina, but traveling from Italy for a meal was probably out of the question. Maybe next year.Picture 1871

17 comments on “The Thanksgiving Scene

  1. Your table looks like a work of art….or a work of heart! You betcha we’re eating planned overs thru tomorrow. Then comes the soup.

  2. Your feast and warm cozy home look amazing. Thank you for the photos and sending you warm wishes for the holiday season. We left our little cabin with one foot of snow and zero degrees to celebrate and feast with kids and gran kids. Wonderful time of year.

    • Thanksgiving a favorite for us, so wonderful to gather with friends and family, share a meal and to be reminded of gratitude. And…..feeling somewhat exhausted the next day , having leftovers to pick from a blessing! Best to you this holiday season….enjoy your family!

    • You can still come for plenty of leftovers….including pie! Except the pecan…disappeared! How was your day? Thank you Judy for the kind words , now you have a choice next time you visit….scones or pie! Happy Holidays!

      • Our day was fine, but we certainly didn’t see a dessert ‘table’ like you had. Dennis loves pecan pie, but our grandson has nut allergies so our house became nut free eight years ago. He eats it when we are out every chance he gets. 🙂 Happy Sunday, friend.

    • Thank you Marion, the day was wonderful….a full house and so nice to visit with everyone, share a meal, laugh, and to recognize the many, many, ways we fell thankful.Hope you had a delightful holiday!

    • It was a wonderful day, a great crowd of family and friends….I love catching glimpses of people laughing together or deep in conversation…..being so glad to be together. A great deal to be thankful for, surely. Hope your day was lovely, and I hope you have a piece of pie or two tucked away to enjoy later in the week! best to you, Kerry!

    • Thanksgiving is a favorite celebration here at the farm… much of what we’ve grown throughout the summer becomes center stage for the meal. Always a collection of family and friends gathering… often it is not until this ‘ harvest meal’ that we’ve been able to have a proper visit with everyone. Hope you day was a fine one as well…..a Happy Holiday season to you!

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