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Where did I go? To Romania and then to Ireland. Then, I’m afraid the work which was put on the back burner while I was dashing around visiting other countries became urgent and I am just now picking my head up and returning to blogging. Oh, where to start! My plan is to write a really long piece about my trip to Romania. It was so beyond my expectations and I learned so much about their history and became so enchanted with their farming practices. I am still processing all that I experienced, the interactions I had with farmers and craftsman, and the incredible beauty of the Romanian landscape. Those Carpathian mountains! The region of Transylvania! The old world architecture in the cities and the beautiful workmanship I witnessed in every little village! 20% of Romania’s agricultural area is considered subsistence farming. It is a country that still makes use of traditional and grassroots farming practices. Stunning, every bit was stunning. So, now with winter fast on our heels, I am hoping my days will allow some time to reflect and to write about my journey. Stay tuned will you? And, apologies for my sudden absence.
Here at home, the firewood is all in, the hay is put away in the loft, the freezers are full, and the nursery rows are tucked in for their winter slumber. Whew! A list of off season projects await our attention, some repairs around the house, a new outdoor summer kitchen (we built an outdoor wood fired bread oven!), and, of course, some crafting.
Thank you for checking in and continuing to read news and stories from Fernwood. I suppose there are just times we have to step away from the screen and give our cyper input a rest. Because the nursery and farm world at Fernwood so often involves physical engagement, I think switching my brain over to work on the computer can be challenging. I have had my rest, now back to it!
Stay tuned and it’s nice to be back! Happy fall, all!

14 comments on “Back!

    • Thank you Eliza and hello! Time moves fast and furious sometimes and for a few months I could not seem to get off the wheel of activity to sit and think I could write something sensible ( or interesting!). Romania was surprising and amazing….more later on this country experience for sure! happy Thanksgiving!

  1. So nice to have you back. Many (40!) years ago I traveled thru that area by train. The area was all communist controlled and I merely transmitted they clutching my passport. An enduring memory is of looking out the train window early one morning and seeing an old farm woman leading a shaggy pony that was pulling a cart loaded down with lilac. The world was all in grays and browns except for her and the lilacs. So beautiful.

    • Thank you, John. Very nice returning to the blog and to friends who I have connected with. I’ll try to stay on task! I have enjoyed not only writing in the past but also reading the blogs of others ( yours included) which adds to my delight in being back ‘on site’. Hope your summer was lovely!

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