Wednesday, May 8th! Opening Day!

The nursery is stocked and the display beds are peppered with spring ephemerals. We are busy, busy and looking forward to the new season! Looking for some Maine natives or an unusual rarity? Come visit, the shingle is out welcoming you this Wednesday!
Our hours for the season are Wednesday through Sunday, 9 to 5. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Jeffersonia dubia

Hepatica triloba

10 comments on “Wednesday, May 8th! Opening Day!

  1. They may be called Blood Root but there is nothing whiter than the blossom. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lovely flowers!

    I saw my birthday hollyhock poking its head up when I toured the garden Sunday. I can’t wait to see it flower later this summer!

    I need to come see what else you have that I need.

  3. We were there opening day from Pa. and it was so worth it. We made the trip for the day because we wanted to share the excitement of all the new and wonderful things.
    Glad we did, Pat and Brenda say Thanks.

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